Collecting reviews of MONUSCO’s Level 3 Hospital in Goma

Following a number of reported serious mishaps at MONUSCO’s level three hospital in Goma over the past few years, I’d like to feature a select few cases on

The idea is to provide folks with enough information to assess the risks and benefits of going there. Think of it as a Yelp site for hospitals in Goma. It’s not meant to be the beginning of any class action.

If you have experiences (both positive and negative) to share, please leave a comment on the bottom of this page or email me directly at All contributions will be treated anonymously, of course.




2 responses to Collecting reviews of MONUSCO’s Level 3 Hospital in Goma

  1. Masika Lise says:

    J’ai accouché au MONUSCO Indian level3 Goma
    Bonnes expérience : une césarienne 100% réussie, infirmières excellentes, gynécologue excellent.
    Mauvaises expériences : toilettes très sales, bouffe pas mangeable, on a essayé de me donner des vitamines périmées que j’ai refusées.


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