Art centers

  • The cultural center Yole!Africa usually screens movies every Saturday at 4pm and organizes a dance competition every last Saturday of the month and weekly movie nights on Sundays. It is located on Avenue Pelican 8, Goma. Contact: 099 712 3055, 082 020 7799,, Facebook. Photos by Phil Moore.
  • Check out the art gallery Vijana Kokoriko, show casting incredible paintings. Contact: 099 468 4860, @VijanaK.
  • Centre Culturel de Goma – Maison des Jeunes is a leading cultural institution in Goma, offering poetry slams, concerts, basketball tournaments, guitar lessons and much more. Don’t miss it. Contact: 099 349 8376,, Johnny Wenga (, 099 425 2532), Jackson Muhindo Seno (, 097 492 5653).
  • Run by Mapendo Sumuni, Kivu Nuru art gallery show cases the workings of local artists. One of the cultural highlights in town. Think Africa Press, Zeit and FAZ featured her work.

  • Kivu Youth Entertainment is a team of a energetic young Congolese filmmakers, featuring local talents. The crew became famous for their version of Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy from Goma’ video. The team is led by Kelvin Batumike (099 779 9041). Make sure to check out their videos on Youtube and a feature in Think Africa Press.

  • Justin Justkas is a talented young artist you should look out for. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Civil society

  • Goma has a very vibrant civil society. For a list of the most active organizations and individuals see here.


  • moyo is a Congolese fashion brand, producing a limited selection of fashionable, desirable clothes using colourful African-print fabrics from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Contact Sarah for more.


  • Each year, Goma is hosting the Salaam Kivu International Film FestivalOver the course of one week, Yole Africa presents movie screenings, workshops and debates. You can visit at Avenue Pélican No. 08, Quartier des Volcans. 099 712 3055.



  • Lunanga Stewart offers lessons in English, French, Lingala and Swahili for $6 at the Amani Language Initiative. You can contact Stewart at 081 365 0630, 099 595 9576 or Every Sunday at 3.30 pm, Stewart holds an English club free of charge. He is very interested in native speakers giving a small presentation to his students.
  • Zola is a French teacher at the Mwanga College and gives Swahili lessons at the Institut Français and in private: 0995 468 272, 0897 050 673.
  • Alternatively, you can take lessons with Hubert Kilakano. 099 101 7031, 085 974 7919, 00250 788 452 176,,
  • Leon is another teacher for $4/h. +243 820 204 836.
  • The Institut Francais in Goma is offering professional French lessons.


  • Leon is also a good language teacher, too. 082 020 4836, 097 545 5237.
  • A good way to learn either French or Swahili is by listening to local radio. You can buy a radio for as cheap as $10 at Virunga market. For more, see the section on resources.
  • German speakers meet up once in a while at Le Chalet Restaurant in Himbi district. For further information, call Timo (097 434 8505).
  • A good website to learn languages is Memrise. You can create your own courses, use flashcards and other creative tools to learn vocabulary.


  • DJ Alpha is among the most well-known DJs in town. 099 439 8701.
  • Check out the Goma-based band Maisha Soul with such well-known musicians as Innocent/InnossB. Check out his official Youtube channel.
  • Contact Prince Balume for more:, 082 401 0712, 081 921 0517.


  • Association of Rasta Fari: Sam Kelege, 099 526 6994,, Skype: sam.kelege2.


  • There is a small association of sapeurs in Goma led by Kwame, who was featured in the New York Times. You can reach him at 099 610 0416, See also a BBC article from March 2015.

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(Sketch by Anne-France White. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter).

Quiz nights

  • Once in a while, Rohya is organizing fun quiz nights at Lapa, off Avenue Kanyamulanga, in the city center.

le quiz


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