You can pay with US Dollars and Congolese Francs. Note that dollar bills published prior to 2006 will not be accepted. Make sure that the bills do not have the slightest crack as they will not be accepted!



If you use your credit card from a foreign bank account, make sure to tell your bank that you’ll be withdrawing cash in the DR Congo and neighboring countries. Otherwise, they will very likely block your card as the DRC is considered a high-risk country when it comes to fraud.

Be aware: When ATMs in Goma decline your request, double-check your bank account balance later on. It can happen that your bank at home still processed the request even though the local ATM did not dispense you any money.

Foreign bank holders can withdraw money at ATMs located at Ihusi Hotel, Planet Hotel, EcoBank, Rawbank (+ its second branch opposite of Orange), and BIC.

With many banks abroad charging a withdrawal fee of $5, it is advisable to withdraw as much money as possible at once. Therefore I suggest you visit FNB Bank or Access Bank, where you can withdraw $1000 for $5. At Rawbank, you pay $5 for every $500 withdrawn.

Rawbank and Access Bank are dispensing both dollars and Congolese Francs.

Exchanging money:

  • You can exchange US dollars into Congolese Francs at the border and in downtown Goma either close to old Kivu Market or opposite of Grand Lac Hotel. Both are on Avenue Kanyamuhanga.
  • Exchange rate as of July 2017: 1 US$ = 1400 Congolese Francs (CDF).

Money Gram:

You will find Money Gram opposite of Soficom in downtown Goma.

Traveler Cheques:

  • Forthcoming.

Western Union:

  • You will find Western Union at all major banks in Goma, incl. EcoBank, and close to the Au Bon Pain bakery.



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