Congolese Newspapers:

Unfortunately, you cannot buy hard copies of newspapers in Goma. One of the best options is the Ikirezi bookshop in Kigali. They sell a wide range of international newspapers and magazines.

News outlets with African focus:

Radio, TV:

You can buy a radio for as cheap as $10 at Virunga market. Radio Okapi is also available as a podcast.


I highly recommend you bring a kindle or similar device to Goma. You’ll greatly appreciate it.

Videos about Congo:



  • Orlando von Einsiedel’s Virunga




  • Mapendo Sumuni’s art gallery Kivu Nuru in Goma.

Research organizations:

Congo researchers regularly exchange ideas and share articles on the Facebook group DRC Researchers.


To follow several blogs at once, check out Feedly, one of the best news aggregator application out there. The Pocket application allows you to save an article or web page to the cloud for later reading, which is very helpful given the intermittent internet coverage in Goma. If you want to blog yourself, check out WordPress.


  • Subscribe to Congo Research Network.
  • Set google alerts (daily digest) for various key words such as Congo Kinshasa, DRC, Democratic Republic of the Congo, MONUSCO, ADF, M23, FDLR, etc. Instructions here.
  • Subscribe to the weekly briefing of IPIS (International Peace Information Service)
  • Daily digest for Congo by Relief Web.
  • Weekly digest by Eastern Congo Initiative
  • To get the latest information on dynamics in the UN Security Council, subscribe to the newsletter from Security Council Report. To get documents from the Council (i.e. resolutions, reports, presidential statements), subscribe to UN documents.
  • MONUSCO’s panorama de presse (example, daily). Ask Cirspin Nlanda Ibanda ( to be added to the list (
  • MONUSCO’s Revue de Presse. Daily, it provides a great coverage of Congolese media (example) . Ask Crispin to be added to the list (


Twitter is an excellent source of information. Below are lists of people you should follow to stay tuned. Consider using Tweetdeck, which allows you to organize and build custom timelines, keep track of lists, searches, activity and more—all in one interface.



Meet the Instagrammers challenging how you see Congo, including Pamela Kamale, Ley UweraBernadette Vivuya, Esther Nsapu and Martin Lukongo.

International photographers include:

Facebook Groups:

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