Vets and trainers

  • Safari does a great job on normal vet check-in stuff and can also kennel your dog for a week or two if you ever need to travel. 099 713 2911, 082 100 1649, 099 895 5678, 099 490 0386.
  • Aristote (082 100 1649 or 099 895 5678) and Constantine (099 866 6817) are vets, too.
  • Fanfan is a dog trainer in Goma. He’s at 0975 911 461.
  • Jode Garbe is an American vet living in Kigali. She is occasionally hopping over to Gisenyi. She is expensive, but she does a great job.

Dog owners in Goma who can help

  • If you need advice or want to organize play dates, I suggest you reach out to ArnaudDominique, Laura, Manu, Alexi and Anna.
  • If you need tips for keeping a dog in Gisenyi, Ryan can help you.

Food and pet supplies

  • Safari has a well stocked store in the city center.
  • You can get dog food at Safari’s vet store, Ok-Mart, Sandro (see below) and GoShop (it’s pretty expensive, around $40-75 a bag). Nakumatt in Kigali sells all kinds of pet supplies like leashes and pots.

You can also get bones and meat for pretty cheap at butcheries in the city center.

Walking a dog

  • The park at Karibu Hotel has nice grounds for you to quietly walk your dog.


  • Safari (099 713 2911, 099 490 0386) and Jode Garbe ( can handle your import/export of your pet in Congo and Rwanda respectively.