• Check out Mapendo’s boutique Kivu Nuru in downtown Goma. She sells clothes for men, women, children, post cards, bags for women, scarves, shoes, paintings, pictures, sculptures, and jewelry. 099 550 2550,

  • Congolese wood crafts and canvas drawings are available at Ihusi (Bartes, 099 430 8589), Lac Kivu Lodge (099 739 0020) and Chalet, albeit costly. For cheaper items, see the art street near the BEDGL roundabout in downtown Goma or opposite of UNIGOM.


  • You can buy books at Librairie Lave Littéraire on Avenue Beni in downtown Goma. Contact Mayaza Lumuna at 099 413 3614,


  • Don’t miss Virunga Market, which offers a wide range of clothes. Christian Science Monitor featured the market in a great article in July 2015.


(By Anne-France White. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter).


  • You can buy hand-made furniture at Centre des Jeunes Dom Bosco located at 154 Ngangi (towards the airport). Contact: Père George (099 297 4035,

2 responses to Shopping

  1. Irene says:

    Designs by Irene is a great workshop where you can get any outfit custom tailored. They have a great selection of fabrics and the outfits are of really good quality.


  2. musonge says:

    I have ‘I love Congo’ wavers for sports lovers as well as souvenirs, branded with the DRC flag. Please contact me for details on +256782003824


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