Goma is the base to climb the Nyiragongo volcano along with some of the cheapest mountain gorilla tracking in Africa. It is a starting point to Kinshasa via Beni and Kisangani.

All-time favorites:

  • Nyiragongo volcano
  • Lake Kivu
  • Gorillas in Virunga National Park
  • Tchegera Island


  • The Green Lake

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Virunga National Park (website):

  • 099 171 5401. visit@virunga.org, vianney@virunga.org.
  • Gilly and Richard are in charge of all tourism activities in the park, including walks, gorilla visits, and tours to the volcano. Gilly@gorilla.cd and Richard@gorilla.cd.
  • Mikeno Lodge, in Rumangabo, 40 minutes away from Goma. +243 (0)99 888 2545, +243 (0)97 027 0940, +243 (0)99 482 9076, tourism@gorilla.cd. Reviews via Trip Advisor (here and here). Facebook.


Climb Nyiragongo National Park – Volcano: 

  • This volcano, famous for its lava lake, is a technically easy climb from the direction of Goma. A trip to the top should take ~6-8 hours, so most climbers spend the night at the top. Entrance permits cost US$200.
  • For reviews, see Trip Advisor.
  • Contact Gilly@gorilla.cd and Richard@gorilla.cd for tours.
  • Green Hills Eco-Tours: +250 788 219 495, RwandaCongoTours@gmail.com. 4-5hrs for US$200.
  • Hakuna Matata Tours offers a 2-day climb and tour of Goma. Owner is a native of the region and very friendly, but it can take time to track him down. It’s better to bring your own equipment when trekking the volcano. Hakunamatata tours has equipment and tents in very much used condition. ~$320


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Idjwi Island tours:

Garamba National Park:

Near-by trips in Rwanda:

For the official tourism site of Rwanda, see here.


  • The View Palm: Bungalows right at the lake. $80/2ppl room/night incl. breakfast. Food is good. 10 min. away from border by taxi. Trip Advisor.
  • Serena Hotel: Trip Advisor.
  • Gorilla tours: 00250 784 179 203.
  • Calafia coffee shop on Avenue de la Révolution (+250 787 938 145).

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  • The website Living in Kigali is the best website for all things Kigali. Don’t miss it.
  • Beausejour Guesthouse in Remera. 025 258 2527. It’s $35/night/person. The rooms are decent. In May 2014, they didn’t have hot water, room service. Breakfast included but it closes at 9.30am (even on a Sunday).
  • Heaven: No 7KN29 St, Kiyovu. +250 078 226 9333. Reservations: +250 078 848 6581, Heavenrwanda@gmail.com. Trip Advisor.
  • Inside Afrika: P.O. Box 1933 Kigali-Rwanda. 46 Rue de Lac Mpanga, Kiyovu. +250 722 503 698, +250 788 503 698, Info@inside-afrika.com. Trip Advisor.

Near-by trips in Uganda:

  • You can get a three-month tourist visa upon arrival for $50. No passport photos are required.