(By Anne-France White. Check out her blog and follow her on Twitter).

How to find work:

  • Relief Web is probably the best search engine for jobs in the Congo. Others include InspiraUN Jobs, Idealist and Devex.
  • If you want to work for the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, see their vacancies here.
  • Many expats working for the UN in Congo work as so-called UNVs, United Nations Volunteers. For more about the program and how to apply, see here. If you want to get in touch with UNVs working in Congo, join the Facebook group UNV in DRC.
  • Mercy Corps offers internships to expats in Congo. Norwegian Refugee Council no longer hires interns.
  • At times, the Facebook pages North Kivu Life and South Kivu Life have job postings, as well.

Work permit:

  • Direction Générale de Migration (DGM), Avenue des orchidées 4, Quartier des Volcans, ☎ 099 291 6957 ( Check out their website for necessary documents and procedures.
  • Journalists get their media accreditation from Auguy Kande Nkinda working at the Ministry of Information in Kinshasa. It costs $500 for six months. 081 651 1000,,

Work culture:

  • Most aid workers weak casual outfits. That said you should definitely bring a suit. Congolese at ceremonies and business meetings are very well-dressed.

Suggested reading:

  • Why do expats earn more than the rest of us? (Guardian)
  • Is humanitarian work a career for escapists? (Guardian)
  • NGOs need to think more about how they are perceived by local communities – but eliminating privileges like cars and security guards is not the answer (Guardian)
  • After starting out wanting to reduce poverty, aid workers often find themselves living a lifestyle unimaginable back home. Does this cause more harm than good? (Guardian)
  • Can only the childless and unattached manage humanitarian work? (Guardian)

2 responses to Work

  1. Virginie LABAT TELLIER says:

    Hi, I was the Head Manager of Virunga National Park. I am looking for a job by Goma or in Rwanda, because my contract ended last Friday.
    Is there a place where I can put my CVs ?


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