How to register a vehicle in Goma

Below is a description of each of the documents you need to register and drive a vehicle in Goma. At the bottom of the page you will find a map to show you where to buy each document. If you need help, I suggest you call Mustafah (former mechanic at Honda in town) at +243 810 636 657.

Demande d’immatriculation

  • The “demande d’immatriculation” is your vehicle’s registration and provides you with a licence plate. It costs $170 for a car or $40 for a motorbike. You can buy it at Direction Generale des Impots (DGI) close by the Tchukudu roundabout. Show proof of purchase.

Controle technique

  • The “controle technique” is a document certifying that your car is in a proper state to be driven. It’s $35 for six months. You get at Erest, close by the Signers roundabout. Contact:;,; +243 994 252 688, +243 990 473 173, +243 896 366 430.


  • The “vignette” is your permit to use Congo’s roads. It’s $36 for a small car or $51 for a jeep, incl. a Rav4. You get it at DGR-NK.


  • SONAS is your car’s insurance. It’s $110 for six months for a small car, $145 for six months for a jeep, incl. a Rav4 and $375 for a landcruiser. If you go to SONAS in Katindo you’ll get the insurance for six months; SONAS opposite of Au bon Pain only offers insurance for 12 months.


  • COMESA is your insurance to drive in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. The countries in dark green above are the current COMESA member states. It’s $61 for one year for a landcruiser at SONAS.

Permis de conduire

  • The “permis de conduire” is your driver’s licence. It’s $25 for one year and can be bought at the major’s office. Be aware that they usually ask expatriates for $50 but you can and should negotiate it down to $25. Bring a passport photo. Alternatively, you can request a licence for five years for $75 in Kinshasa (last two pictures above).

Map where you can buy the above documents


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