New Indian/Chinese restaurant in Goma

The OK restaurant is the latest addition to the city cuisine in Goma. They offer a wide range of Chinese and Indian food. Give them a call at +243 893 938 000 (also on whatsapp) for home delivery or come by. They are located right next to Riveria Club.

Menu below.



2 responses to New Indian/Chinese restaurant in Goma

  1. Khan says:

    Thanks a lots to show me the Indian restaurant actually I was locking for thatpa0


  2. John says:

    and also too there’s the kayaks at le chalet everyone knows these place if you want to relax in the worm water of north-kivu or doing the exercices in the lake of north-kivu with the kayaks at le chalet, it renting them there every days for more information about the kayaks and djo’s boat at le chalet feel free to call John he’s the manager of those, because it the only things which you can do in 0813651131 or 0990622714


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