Nyiragongo Volcano is now OPEN to the public!

From Laura Parker:

  • Adult permit and shelter are $255/person
  • Children (under 15yrs) permit and shelter are $110/person
  • Mikeno Lodge has sleeping bags with liners for $10, hiking poles $5 and warm clothes available for hire $5 and back-packs for $5 – LODGE GUESTS only.
  • Meals and cook provided to lodge guests for $55 per person (7 x 500 ml water, lunch and snacks and fruit en route, dinner, breakfast,)
  • Porters are $24 cash in advance at the base of the volcano maximum weight 15kg – climbers’ responsibility. Not included hire of sleeping bag, poles and 1 x extra porter to carry food.
  • Maximum pax 12 without cook (6 tents in cabins – 2 per tent) good friends can add another but will need to take camping mattress up.
  • Maximum pax 10 with cook. (5 tents and 1 x tent for cook/s)

For more, see the official website.

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