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The proverbial Congolese nightlife is superb, and Goma is no different. In many nightclubs the tunes are a mix of local and western, and so are the customers. Except for Chalet and Kivu Lodge, service is often slow. So, don’t be in a rush.



In the summer of 2014, Goma got his first upscale bakery Au Bon Pain, offering delicious sweets, fresh croissants and very good coffee. It has a nice atmosphere with an outside balcony and fast service and internet. The bakery was featured by CNN, The Guardian and Vice. Mo. – Sa. 7-19h, Su 10-15h. 082 371 7625, 097 062 3824.


Le Petit Chalet is also offering salads and coffee on delivery for lunch. Order via their Facebook page.



Petit Bruxelles is a very popular restaurant in town. Don’t miss out on the steak and brochettes, which are among the best in town. 085 087 1614, 099 757 2666, 081 319 7148, 099 052 0025, 081 314 5422.

Magali Fan Club at the Justice roundabout.


Located right on the edge of the lake, Le Chalet is a prime restarant. Food is excellent and the service fast and kind. $$$. Every Wednesday from 7pm onwards, Chalet offers a buffet for $12. Alternatively, you should come for the brunch at 1pm every Sunday. 081 945 0284, 081 945 0284. For references, see Trip Advisor.

Lake Kivu Lodge is another fantastic sanctuary in Goma. Don’t miss out on the deserts. $$$. Reviews via Trip Advisor. +243 811 510 760 or +243 971 868 749.

Salt & Pepper is a nice little restaurant with Indian, Bengali, Chinese, and African food from 3$ to 10$. Known for their quality of customer service, you can also get home delivery and door catering at 089 231 0064, 099 832 2321. The restaurant is located opposite of Heal Africa. References via Trip Advisor.




There are a range of small shops around town. Major supermarkets, including those providing western food, are listed in the map below (contact details included). To get access to MOUSCO’s PX supermarket, email Lalla Fatima Zahra Yousfi ( It’s open Monday-Saturday 9-19h; Sunday and MONUSCO holidays 10-15h.



  • Virunga Market is the biggest and best stocked market in town. Watch your pockets.
  • Marché du Cinquantenaire located at BEDGL roundabout.

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